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Install PDL

Let's install the module "PDL" for statistics and analysis.


Just install using cpan or cpanm. Install PDL and PDL::Stats.

cpan PDL
cpan PDL::Stats

Or download cpanm and do the following:

cpanm PDL
cpanm PDL::Stats

Windows (Active Perl + ppm)

It is easy to use ppm for installation on Windows using ActivePerl. First of all, install the following packages.

ppm install http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm/Astro-FITS-Header.ppd - force
ppm install http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm/Convert-UU.ppd - force
ppm install http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm/Sub-Exporter-Progressive.ppd - force
ppm install http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm/PerlIO-Layers.ppd - force
ppm install http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm/Const-Fast.ppd - force
ppm install http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm/File-Map.ppd - force
ppm install http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm/OpenGL.ppd - force

Then install PDL.

ppm install http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm/PDL.ppd - force

When you install, the following message will be displayed, so make a note of the message in your environment.

  In order to utilise the built in proj4 capability set your
  PROJ_LIB environment variable to C:\Perl\site\lib\PDL\proj_supp

Press Enter to complete the installation.

Let's set the environment variable displayed earlier. You can set environment variable from "Start"->"Computer"->"Properties"->"Advanced system settings"->"Environment variable". Let's add a new PROJ_LIB to the user's environment variable and set the value to the value displayed earlier. In this example, it is "C:\Perl\site\lib\PDL\proj_supp".

Let's also install PDL::Stats, which is a library of statistics.

ppm install http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm/PDL-Stats.ppd - force

What to do if you can't install PDL with the Windows ActivePerl cpan command

In my case, I tried to install PDL with the Windows ActivePerl cpan command, but the Devel::CheckLib test failed and I couldn't install it. (Perl 5.16.3 + Devel::CheckLib 1.01)

In such cases, it is often possible to install successfully by using the ActivePerl module installation mechanism called ppm.

ppm install PDL

It's best to be able to install it with the cpan command, but it's also worth remembering that a package manager called ppm is available as a workaround.

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