Perl Introduction - Perl for Beginners

Perl ABC is a Perl introduction for beginners to learn the basics of Perl programming.

Starting with the Perl installation, you can learn basic syntax such as Perl variables, arrays, hashes, if statements, for statements, file input/output, and text processing using regular expressions to search or replace strings.

Getting Started with Perl

The easiest way to getting started with Perl.

Perl Installation

Explains how to download and install Perl on Windows, Mac and Linux/UNIX.

Perl Programming Introduction

Explains the basics of Perl programming, such as variables, arrays, hashes, if statements, for statements, multidimensional data, file input/output, subroutines, and references.

Perl Regular Expressions

Perl Dictionary

Dictionary of Perl operators, builtin functions, syntax, predefined variables, and modules.

Perl Advanced

Advanced Perl topics.

Recommended Articles

Perl ABC Information

Perl Philosophy

Some of you may hear the Perl hating somewhere, and you may search for the reason. I want to solve the misunderstanding about Perl. I created content that lets you learn about Perl's philosophy.

Nowadays, there are widely used dynamic programming languages such as Python, PHP, Ruby in addition to Perl. Feel free to compare them to Perl from a fair point of view, what you can actually do easily, what is easy for beginners to use.

Perl ABC Translation

A translation of the Perl ABC into another language. This site is originally Japanese. I started to translate this site into English at 2021-11. I plan that the not very good descriptions and examples by the automatic translation will be gradually fixed until 2023-01.

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