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Handling of numbers in Perl

I will explain how to handle numbers in Perl. Explains four arithmetic operations, trigonometric functions, base conversion, and handling of random numbers.

Numerical basics

Operators for numerical calculations

Numbers and strings

Numerical values and errors

Mathematical functions

Trigonometric function

Exponential function/logarithmic function

Base conversion

I will explain how to perform "base conversion" in Perl. Introduces how to "convert to decimal", "octal", "binary", and "convert to arbitrary base".

Random numbers

I will explain how to generate "random numbers" in Perl.

Calculation of large numbers of significant digits

You can use "Math::BigInt" to calculate integers with a large number of digits, and "Math::BigFloat" to calculate floating point numbers with a large number of significant digits.

See Math::BigInt Math::BigFloat for calculating large figures.

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