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Examine the loaded module%INC

Use a predefined variable called %INC to find out which modules are loaded.


The%INC hash is assigned a combination of module name and module file name. You can see the module name and which file you actually imported. The result output by Data::Dumper is as follows.

$VAR1 = {
          'Data/Dumper.pm' =>' C: /Strawberry/perl/lib/Data/Dumper.pm',
          'XSLoader.pm' =>' C: /Strawberry/perl/lib/XSLoader.pm',
          'feature.pm' =>' C: /Strawberry/perl/lib/feature.pm',
          'Carp.pm' =>' C: /Strawberry/perl/lib/Carp.pm',
          'warnings.pm' =>' C: /Strawberry/perl/lib/warnings.pm',
          'bytes.pm' =>' C: /Strawberry/perl/lib/bytes.pm',
          'strict.pm' =>' C: /Strawberry/perl/lib/strict.pm',
          'Exporter.pm' =>' C: /Strawberry/perl/lib/Exporter.pm',
          'warnings/register.pm' =>' C: /Strawberry/perl/lib/warnings/register.pm',
          'constant.pm' =>' C: /Strawberry/perl/lib/constant.pm'

%INC has nothing to do with @INC, which contains module search path. @INC and%INC are completely different variable. If you want to know only the module name, use keys function to retrieve only the keys.

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