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Create a form with Perl - PDF::Create a form with API2

I will explain how to create a form in Perl. Here, a form is defined as a file format that can be printed on paper using a printer.

A common way to create a form is to create a PDF. If it is a PDF, you can print it.

You can use the Perl module PDF::API2 to create PDFs, set fonts and type characters. You can draw, draw lines, insert images, and save.

If you master how to use PDF::API2, you will be able to use the form freely.

PDF::Install API2

I will explain how to install PDF::API2.

PDF file operation for creating forms

Learn how to create PDF files, draw text, insert images, and create basic shapes and tables.

PDF generation example

This is a list of PDF generation examples explained in the article.

PDF generation blank page, A4 size, B5 size, 595 × 842 size

Text drawing Text English, Margins, a line break, page breaks, Japanese, bold support

Insert a painter Insert a PNG image

Basic shapes and tables triangles, empty tables, Table with items

Example forms that can be used in practice

We will post an example of a full-scale form that can be used in practice.

PDF creation utility

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