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Downloading and Installing ActivePerl

ActivePerl is one of the Windows Perl distributions provided by ActiveState for free.


Let's download and install ActivePerl on Windows.

Installing ActivePerl

Download and Install ActivePerl from the next page. The 2022 latest version is Perl 5.34.

ActivePerl download requires ActiveState membership registration.

After the registration, you see the following page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Click "Create Runtime". A runtime is created.

If you click "Install" button, you see the following content.

Copy the command and paste it to Command Prompt.

Check the Installation of ActivePerl

Let's check if ActivePerl is installed.

Command Prompt

At first, you execute Command Prompt. Command Prompt is a Windows CLI tool.

The command prompt can be executed from:

"Start Menu" | "List of Apps" | "Windows System Tools" | "Command Prompt".

A black screen will appear. This is Command Prompt.

Input the following command to display the version of Perl.

perl -v

And press "Enter".

The version information of Perl is displayed.

This is perl 5, version 34, subversion 0 (v5.34.0) built for MSWin32-x64-multi-thread

If you can see this, the installation of ActivePerl is succeed.

Other ways to install Perl on Windows

Other ways to install Perl on Windows.

Other CLI Tools

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