1. Perl
  2. Object Oriented
  3. Syntax
  4. package

Create class - package

I will explain how to create a class.

1. Make a package declaration to create a class.

There is no special syntax for creating classes in Perl. Create a class by making a package declaration .

package Book;

This completes the Book class.

2. Class template constructor and accessor

The template for the monotype class looks like this. It consists of a constructor for creating the object and a accessor for accessing the fields of the object.

package Book;

sub new {# Constructor implementation}

sub title {# Implementation of accessor}
sub author {# Implementation of accessor}

In the case of a human type class, it looks like this.

package File Parser;

sub new {# Constructor implementation}

sub encoding {# Implementation of accessor}
sub err_raise {# Implementation of accessor}

sub parse {
  # Implementation of method to parse file

The class starts from this form. Next time, I will explain the implementation of the constructor.

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